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Placing an ATM rental at your business location is proven to increase foot traffic while generating additional revenue from ATM surcharges. Contact Cash Titan today to learn more!
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ATM Rentals Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to put an ATM rental in my business?

A: It will never cost the location anything as long you participate in revenue sharing with Cash Titan.

Q: What is your most commonly requested model?

A: For ATM rentals, The “Hyosung Halo II 2600-SE” is most popular. It’s unique and sleek.

Q: Do your varieties of ATM rentals all run using the same software?

A: Yes–all ATM rentals that Cash Titan offers have the same operating software.

Q: Do you offer ATM rentals that allow you to pay by bitcoin?

A: Yes, we do. This is a new addition and just a software update on our current models.

Q: Could my customers ever break into my ATM rental?

A: The first thing to know about ATMs is that they’re designed and built with potential break-ins taken into account. There are measures in place to hinder thieves and criminals from breaking into the machine and taking all the cash inside. 

Q: How can I track income for my ATM rentals or for any other Cash Titan equipment?

A: We have the latest state-of-the-art software that provides a complete breakdown via email or, for those that are a little more old fashioned, we can print you an invoice right on the spot. We believe in full disclosure revenue tracking, meaning no hidden fees.

Q. What is your most commonly requested brand of ATM Rental?

A: We primarily supply Hyosung ATM as the ATM rental of choice. These are the newest on the market and fit seamlessly into a whole host of venues. We have a wide variety of ATM rentals available if you were looking for something else. We will be happy to provide whatever style you are wanting.

Q: Who is responsible for making sure my ATM is always in working order?

A: Cash Titan is here to make sure that you never run into any issues when it comes to your ATM rental. This is an easy process from the get-go and we want to keep it that way. You don’t have to worry about much else with your ATM rental–we will do it all.