Cash Is King…or Should We Say Cash Is Titan?

Have you considered going cash-only for your business? Having an ATM on site could be a huge benefit to your business plan. Like a Titan fighting on your side, cash is strong…and it always gets the job done.

Unfortunately, it is rare when a customer pays in cash, but when they do, the transaction is much simpler. Cash-only businesses avoid credit card fees, charge disputes, most technical malfunctions or glitches, etc. One of our employees, Katie, remembers working at a restaurant when the point of sale terminals went down. “Servers couldn’t collect payments, so if guests were done with their meal, we had to let them leave. We couldn’t hold them until our systems came back up. It cost the restaurant a few thousand that night”, recalls Katie. This could happen to any business that relays on the swipe of a card.

Along with easier transactions, our ATMs also offer another revenue stream for you! How does this work? We own, install and service the ATM machine at no cost to you. Cash Titan splits the revenue made with your business 50/50. Revenue is generated from the surcharge that the customer pays for pulling money from the machine. Surcharges vary, and we will work with you to determine the right one for your customers.

Common businesses that benefit from our ATMs include but are not limited to restaurants, bars, rest stops, salons, laundromats, convenience stores, DMVs, and dry cleaners. They can make a few extra hundred or thousand dollars per month depending on traffic and surcharge. Any additional money is huge for a small business. Our current partners say they even use this additional income to help with repairs, invest in new equipment, and expand their staff.

Having an ATM on site could help reduce headaches around payments. Your business could rid itself of additional credit card fees while increasing your monthly profits. We know only accepting cash will not work for every business model, but if you can swing it, we believe you won’t be disappointed.

Contact us to learn more about our ATMs and other products we carry, install and service at 866-740-8998.

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