Jukebox Rentals

What comes to mind when you conjure up your favorite Charlotte bar? Moody lighting, constant chatter, the clink of bottles, and more than likely some snappy tunes playing softly in the background. Music and sound will always play a big role when it comes to atmosphere and Cash Titan can ensure yours is always on point with our availability of jukebox rentals. The music emitted from our jukebox rentals sets the mood and guarantees a fun time will be had for all. Not only do tunes from jukebox rentals help patrons relax and enjoy themselves, they can also serve improve business. Ask us how!

Jukebox Partnerships
Cash Titan Games offers many styles of jukebox rentals to match your venue. Options include digital downloading, pay-for-play, song searching, and smart-phone accessibility.
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Servicing

Pre-installation of the jukebox rental of your choice, we will perform a site survey of your Charlotte or surrounding area location and discuss positioning.

If ever in need or a repair or replacement, just give us a call and we will contact you as soon as possible. We strive for as seamless a process as possible.

We recommend that you your jukebox should be serviced throughout the year to maintain peak performance. Give us a call and we will give you our best advice for when those services need to happen.

Venue Solution Jukeboxes

Our bevy of digital jukebox rentals allows you to control the music experience in your Charlotte bar, venue, or restaurant. Any of our four options below will guarantee fun and interactive entertainment.