Golden Tee

Features And Overview

This modern arcade game features a trackball to determine each golf shot’s power, direction, and curve and makes you feel like you are on course. Demand for this arcade game, one of the best arcade golf games out there, is always at a high, so make sure to contact us today to reserve yours.

golden tee arcade game


As for a little history about this game? The first Golden Tee game was play-tested in a bar, a venue which would become the most popular location for Golden Tee cabinets. This first iteration was sold exclusively as a kit that could be used to convert existing arcade machines to Golden Tee Golf Arcade Games. Golden Tee Golf first came on the scene way back in 1989, and was relatively popular.

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Golden Tee Golf Game 3D

However, after the Golden Tee Golf Game 3D version was created a few years later, this arcade game rental’s popularity really started increasing. Each year, the makers of this game, Incredible Technologies, releases a new entry to the series.

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Golden Tee Details

  • Dependable Video Golf gameplay that you’ve come to love over the years
  • User-friendly trackball controls
  • Both single and multiplayers can enjoy the golden tee arcade game
  • Redesigned menu systems from previous GT releases
  • 27 total courses, including all 20 from previous Golden Tee Arcade Game Fore releases and seven new courses!
  • 27″ CRT monitor; ask about upgrading to a modern LCD
  • Also released as a kit so available game cabinets and monitor sizes may vary

Golden Tee Frequently Asked Questions

A: This depends on how strong you are. The Showpiece cabinet weighs approximately 160 pounds. It comes with wheels, so moving can be done with a simple tilt and one person if you are up for it. If you have to move flights of stairs, two people combined could accomplish this easily.

A: Every year! Now, don’t feel like you need to keep up with their pace but to remain current and “with it,” we’d recommend that your version be within one to three years old.

A: For Cash Titan’s Golden Tee Arcade Game, there are 3 different 18-hole courses.

A: The Golden Tee Arcade Game really will do wonders for your business. It’s the most popular golf arcade game of all time and will keep people flocking to your venue.

Golden Tee Arcade Game Course Options

Transport yourself anywhere with one of the courses available with the Golden Tee Arcade Game. Golf from the sand dunes, the warm beaches, or somewhere else exclusive.

Head down South to Mexico for Golden Tee Arcade Game’s Baja Ria course. Your golf vantage point has never looked better with this version of the course.

Travel to the hidden temples of Cambodia in this exciting Golden Tee Arcade Game course. The course is rugged, raw, and full of surprises at every hole.

All equipment is subject to availability.


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