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photo booth rental and photo booth games

Who doesn’t love a photo booth, especially in the modern era? The first photo booth came to America in 1925 on Broadway in New York City. A photo booth is a definite hit at any party or business, attracting friends, couples, and families. Add a touch of old world class with a photo booth from Cash Titan for your next birthday party, wedding, or corporate event!

With Cash Titan, this classy piece joins the age of social media, allowing you to upload your photos to your page instantly.

All equipment is subject to availability.

Looking to add some photo booth fun to your rental? Consider thinking up some photo booth games for your next event. Here’s a list of a few photo booth games that will get the party started and ensure the selfies never stop.

  1. Use the “green screen” element and have party-goers simply step in the photo booth rental and strike a pose. The photo booth attendant will decide upon a fun adventure (or the guest can choose it from a pre-made list) and add it to the picture. You’ll have the option to visit Yosemite, Las Vegas, Mount Rushmore, or the Statue of Liberty all from the comfort of the photo booth rental. Who knew these destinations were so accessible?
  2. Props will never, ever get old. Display a large variety on a table display and let guests choose which best fits their personality. This isn’t so much a photo booth game as much as just general photo booth fun!
  3. Photo booth bingo is another great photo booth game. People can get really into it. A list of photos is given to each guest, with certain photos captured being awarded different points based on their difficulty to capture. The guest with the most points wins. Here are some possible ideas: a photo of two people smooching, a photo of someone upside down, a photo bomb photo. The list goes on.

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