Pool Tables

Cash Titan is the go-to if you are looking for pool table rentals near Charlotte, NC. Pool tables are an excellent rental choice for venues that attract groups of people; it can be a slow-moving game that leaves room for conversation and creates an ideal atmosphere for buying extra drinks, appetizers to share, and more. You can also add a pool table to your home arcade or rent one for your next party. Check out Cash Titan’s inventory of pool tables today to find one that fits your needs.

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The History of Pool Tables

Pool is an indoor game that originated in Europe and spread to England before moving on to the U.S. Billiards is believed to have developed as an indoor version of lawn games such as croquet. At around 1500s French nobility and others began installing pool tables in their homes. The green cover of the table was meant to imitate the green grass and the borders were simple wooden planks to keep the balls from rolling off.

Now, you can easily offer the fun sport of pool to your venue or event activities with one of our pool table rentals.